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I like this Calendar. Playing Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox TV-tuner style devices have only one s-video input. In order to craft the list of the best analog capture cards we analyzed exactly reviews. Go to Page This is my first ever unboxing vid, it is fairly novice. This needs to be a powered slot, so no dumb USB 1.

Actually I only use the video one and put the audio straight in to the headphone socket after changing it to line-in in system preferences , and away you go! I work for a school system and someone bought a device which you move over reading material like a mouse, but it has a camera and transmits the picture to a base, which has an RCA video out. This is to blow up the picture of the words for the visually impaired.

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Normally it would be connected to a TV set, but in this case I was asked if we could get the picture on an iMac. I picked up a Sabrent version of this Windows open package at MicroCenter not expecting it to work.

Much to my surprise it worked! The software saw the USB devise and showed the image on the full iMac screen.

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This system was running Mac OS I bought this through amazon and it took forever to get. Finally when I hooked everything up and downloaded the driver… you guessed it. Phil: Where do I get the appropriate Windows drivers? Thanks, Dan. Is there also a capture card or usbdevice and a program for Ubuntu?

Gratuita Version Para Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13 EasyCapViewer 0.6.2 Obtener Demonoid

Hey Wim, apparently none exist at the moment but they are under development. Rafael Rezende. Mar 31, at pm. Which IOS do u use? Does it work with El Capitain?

Aug 3, at am. Daniel B. Apr 30, at am. May 3, at am.

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The EasyCAP DC60 is a cheap old school video capture device. First, you need to go get the driver for Mac OS X, and that can be obtained. Many EasyCaps are not officially supported on Mac OS X. This page is for a port of an The EasyCap DC60 is also be branded as the LogiLink VG

Aug 2, at pm. Sergio Ariel. Sep 13, at am. Oct 27, at am. Oct 28, at am. Thanks for getting in touch!

HOW TO: Setup EasyCAP on a Mac [UPDATED]

Jan 4, at pm. Thanks again!

Jan 5, at am. Somebody can help me? Narcogen Active Member Jun 27, Looking at the Amazon page for that device, it appears they do not provide an OSX driver.

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Without a driver, OBS cannot see the device. Sorry about that. Narcogen Active Member Jun 28, What are you trying to capture from? It looks like the older model does not do HD and captures only from composite and S-video, so it has limited utility. You must log in or register to reply here.