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Fix the iTunes 'Session Timeout' Error

Instead of using more time on it I use a cable between my laptop and router when I download in iTunes and everything works even with firewall and antivirus on. Flushed the cashe and paused protection on my Kapersky just long enough for the download. Worked like a champ. I suspect they cant keep up with the amount of users!

I do not!!! Tried all of the above, nothing works, even downloading direct outside of iTunes the download stalls.

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Disabling the firewall did the trick! I was about to throw my itouch out the window coz i was so pissed! Thank you so much for this! Pausing the Kaspersky helped me out! I did not and had to go back and try it again. When I hit the apply button it finally worked…I have been working on this problem all week. Thank you! Ive tried all of these and nothing is working.

Ive uninstalled and reinstalled itunes, ive turned off spyware and antivirus, ive flushed the DNS cache ive even downloaded it directly nothing is working. Temporarily turning off my virus protection seems to have worked. Thanks for the help. Thank you!! I have been on version 4. Just turned off the fire wall and Kaspersky and bingo it worked. After getting no reponse from Apple, it was great to see your article about disabling anit-virus; that did the trick!

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Thanks so much!! After a war of nerves, Restarting my laptop was the trick for me lol add that to the solutions. From the Start menu, choose Control Panel. Open the Internet Options control panel. Click the Connections tab.

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Click the LAN Settings button. Reopen iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Update or restore your device. I have an iMac, no anti-virus software, no firewall, ran a DNS flush and still getting the error message My iTunes is up to date and this problem only started happening today.

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Tried all these steps and still time out error Uninstalled mcafee and iTunes and reinstalled. Any help appreciated!

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Yup, firewall and anti-virus. Great info, great post. Would have never figured this out on my own.

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None of these helped me i had itunes 9 then i got an ipad and it required me to download The network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again. Thank you so much for the Kaspersky info, that did the trick! Tried the other ideas too — no avail! Finally, 12 hours later….. Thanks for these tips. I kept getting told my connection had timed out when I tried to update the software.

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Nov 14, “Your iCloud session has expired" or “Your iCloud Music Library for users who cancelled their Apple Music subscription or iTunes Match. When trying to use it with the 3 installed copies of iTunes that I run [1 on Mac, 2 on Windows], I started to get a really annoying problem, where it.

Pausing my internet security worked for me. Same with me. Still had 4. Every single time I tried, it would always time out. Tried over and over and over. This time, I removed all the excess pics and videos after downloading them to my computer , then disabled Kaspersky and my firewall.

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It took another 70 minutes to download, but this time, it actually updated my phone completely. Thanks for this post! I have Kapaersky AV; just right and disable protection Kapersky will auto try and force connections to close- click NO once the sile is listed as done and the installation procedure begins, re-enable protection.

My problem was the same and it was fixed following those simple steps. I could update my ipo touch. Thank you so much from Cesar.

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Disabling the Firewall and Anti-Virus did it. After pausing Kaspersky I was able to get to the very last few seconds of the download for the iPhone update. However, it stopped at that point. The next time I did a two-step process. Downloaded the new version as Step 1. Then applied the iPhone update as Step 2. Worked fine! Thank you so much! Doing the two step thing worked for me, too! I appreciate you posting. Same here!!

So glad you posted this!! I have been having troubles for a couple months trying to update the software on my ipod. Disabling the firewall and anti-virus software was the ticket for me. Thank you very much!! I had the same problem for weeks.

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Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. User profile for user: riqiv riqiv. To work around it I ordered the app I wanted on my iPad and it synced to my iPhone. Sep 22, AM in response to binlin In response to binlin Loading page content. You see a lightning icon next to your accounts that are not connected. I'm not in front of my Mac, but I think it was don by holding down option-command while launching iTunes from the doc.

I tried to download iOS 5 and kept getting a timeout error. I turned off my firewall and it still failed. Finally I disconnected my Linksys router from the Comcast modem, and plugged the Comcast modem directly into my PC and everything ran correctly! Took about 30 minutes to complete. Thanks for the tip, this little trick seems to have fixed my issue as well. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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