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The new Design tab lets you easily apply designer-quality layouts, colors and fonts throughout your document. You can work on the same document simultaneously with your teammates and use threaded comments to have a conversation right next to the corresponding text. Excel for Mac —The new Excel for Mac helps you visualize your information by recommending charts best suited for your data with chart previews.

Familiar keyboard shortcuts, autocomplete and an improved formula builder save you time when creating spreadsheets or entering data. For deeper analysis, new PivotTable Slicers help you filter large volumes of data and discover patterns.

Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac Review

The new animation pane helps you design and fine-tune animations, and the latest set of slide transitions add polish to your presentations. Outlook for Mac —Managing your email, calendar, contacts and tasks has never been easier.

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The new Outlook for Mac has push mail support so your inbox is always up-to-date. And the new message preview shows you the first sentence of an email just below the subject line so you can quickly decide if you want to read it now or come back later.

You can capture your ideas in digital notebooks and access them on any device. Find things quickly with the OneNote search engine that tracks your tags, indexes your typed notes and recognizes text in images and handwritten notes. Bold, italicize, underline or highlight notes, insert files, pictures and tables and organize your notes however you want. You can also share notebooks with friends, family or colleagues so everyone can work together on travel plans, household tasks or work projects.

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Excel is even worse. Admittedly, simultaneous shared editing via the cloud is perhaps most useful in Word, but there are many circumstances where other types of document would benefit from the feature. Email is still the main stalwart of 21st Century office communication, of course, and managing it is a task that still falls to Outlook in Office Users with an Exchange account should be up and running within moments, but while the necessary settings for an Outlook.

Outlook is little changed from before, but the inbox now has one-line message body previews. The usual OS X shortcuts still work, but this clever move makes the Mac suite less finicky for someone switching platforms.

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Speaking of which, pinch-to-zoom now works in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, too, which helps smooth the transition between the Mac and iOS suites. Power users will certainly appreciate the addition of PivotTable slicers for filtering data, Data Analysis ToolPak and Solver add-in support, and a slick integrated equation editor to replace the clunky separate utility of Office Excel placates power users, too, with new pivot table and add-in support, plus a new built-in equation editor.

For everyone else, perhaps the most noticeable change is a new animation when selecting and working with cells. In addition to a host of new types, the Recommended Charts button only presents charts that are appropriate for the selected data. The Formula tab has also been cleaned up and made much more accessible to neophytes, with the helpful Formula Builder now appearing by default in a sidebar as soon as a formula button is clicked.

Excel has lots of new features to help novice users, including a formula builder sidebar that appears automatically. PowerPoint perhaps gets the biggest benefit from the cleaned-up and rejigged interface, and the Ribbon now make much more sense to unseasoned users.

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The bulk of creative options now reside on the Design and Transitions tabs, for example, rather than the Themes, Tables, Charts and SmartArt tabs of old. It appears once an animation has been applied to an object on a slide, and aggregates the options previously found on the Animations tab which is still present and the easily overlooked Custom Animation floating Toolbox.

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Similar Products. Libre Office is excellent for writing documents on a desktop. Wake up people. While it does cost more than a year of Office , Office may work out cheaper for you in the long run. That is partly true.

The streamlined interface makes PowerPoint much more user friendly, with slide animations in particular now much easier to deploy. In short, there are changes and the good news is that the VBA Editor has been rewritten. So for the time being, at least, the VBA Editor is intended solely for debugging existing macros for compatibility issues, of which there will be many as a result of the sandbox security measures imposed by OS X.