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How many processors is advisable in the Configuration I currently have it set to 2, which says it is "Recommended". Thanks for the advice. JDL , Jan 31, Hi ArtyP , please go through this blog to know about the system requirements for Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac.

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Arun Parallels , Jan 31, Messages: 3. What an upsettingly poor answer from Parallels' support team. Not even a link to a relevant article in the blog. This is surely one of the first - and most time consuming to answer - questions many new customers have! Frankly I would like to see a Recommended Windows Versions and Compatibility guide on the front page of your website.

I heard Windows 10 runs slowly and Windows 7 can be hard to buy. Can we please have a summary answer here. It will take hours for your new users to understand the ideal setup. I might still be trying to figure out the best setup by the time my two week trial expires So disappointed this is not covered in a guide and linked to from this thread. Ryan 1 , Mar 19, Hi Ryan 1 , please check this article which lists out the operating system supported by Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac.

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac (OEM Version)

Both Windows 10 and Windows 7 will run seamlessly if your Mac has met the system requirements and if there are still any slow performance issues, that might be due to some applications installed inside Windows virtual machine. Microsoft has stopped manufacturing Windows 7 however, the Windows 7 license is still available with some re sellers online.

If you looking for pre configured setup for Windows, you can try using modern IE test environment. Please check this article to know more about Modern IE test environment. We will forward your request to our marketing team to have the recommended Windows version and compatibility guide on the front page of our website. Arun Parallels , Mar 21, It all seems to be handled very nicely once you get in to the "Install Demo" path. I would agree with what I read somewhere that Windows 10 doesn't seem all that fast.

I can appreciate that your team probably wants to focus on supporting just one main version of Windows. The parallels client could even alert me to potential issues, as it knows what my hardware is. Ryan 1 , Mar 21, For feedback to the marketing team I'd say that they have a nice user experience flow with the auto installing of Windows But I wasn't aware that was going to happen. You could mention this somewhere prominent so others don't waste time in a similar fashion. Messages: 2. I empathize with ArtyP and second what Ryan 1 is requesting. Although there are 3rd party forums where users give great feedback about laptop or practical use and speed limitations, the actual responses from Parallels are pretty insulting.

Not knowing with certainty the performance of the most common OS's which are expensive and the idea of just toying with installations and purchasing stuff to see it works is pretty BAD. That is exactly what keeps people from trying this product and what keeps it from being more mainstream. Any time I want help with Parallels--which seems like it should be on anyone's machine who has an common sense--I find that we are very few. Anyway, I too would love to know more about which OS versions can be the most streamlined and efficient for my setup.

Como Instalar Windows 7/8/8.1/10 en Mac- Descargar Parallels Desktop 10 Gratis Full

I don't like the responses from the company asking me to "just be happy: it works. But I suspect it doesn't have to be that way. I just haven't found the right formula and the time to make it work. Last edited: Sep 16, RobertN12 , Sep 14, I go all the way back to version 4.

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What I find interesting is that each time a new version is rolled out of the product, somehow the current version begins to get slower and slower. Then I start to notice odd messages. With the current version, I have to constantly restart the OS to get things that were appearing at one point to appear again.

The funny part is the program is still running, it decides to go away on its own with this version. Even in coherence, the windows task bar can be viewed from behind my dock bar.

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If you try to click on it, the wheel keeps on spinning It never happened on v7 I did not upgrade to 8. The funny part is that the product had been working totally fine until they announce the new upgrade information. After so much time, the old version becomes so irritatingly worrisome with the lack of speed in loading and newfound "issues" you end up upgrading. So yes, all this company wants is your money. Bottom line, they need to seriously work on some REAL technical support. When tickets are submitted and you prove to them with various page shots for analysis or even videos that the problem is with their product, they need to take ownership and FIX the issues.

When problems arose on my end, I repaired them on my own and did not even bother to share the solution with them. They spend too much sending contradictory messages back and forth without reading what they had stated in the previous response. My recommendation is that if you can find another viable solution to running your windows OS, explore it first.

Parallels is a long way from the company I would have sent users to in earlier years. It is a joke. If reading comprehension is a problem and you're a global service offerings company, get enough common sense to make sure your technical support folks are from the actual country the service ticket is submitted from.

This is so no brainer instead of this nonstop cheap crap that gets us nowhere all the way around! Each upgrade is charged.

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Dimitris Liogkas. Pros it works and does what it supposed to do Cons Each upgrade is charged. Click here to review our site terms of use. It never happened on v7 I did not upgrade to 8. Dawn Wade September 9, , pm. Keep in mind that we first used the same Win 7 VM as we were using in previous versions.

I bought parrallels 6, then 7, then I refuse to pay for 8 who is now obsolete. I am giving my money to vmware; at least they don't charge you for every upgrade and their older version is compatible with the new OS X. I seldom use it, and find myself using it less and less over the years. I give it 1 star since they are trying to ride on the OS Parallels with this move your gonna lose one customer, me.

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I'll upgrade and just delete parallels from my Mac altogether. I regularly use Office Live Meeting, Cisco simulation software, terminal serve into my server, etc. Seems to have a memory leak, i.

Have to reboot the Mac every week or so to get my memory back. As others have said a bit expensive if you have to have the latest and greatest. This seems to work for me. You have to pay for upgrade for every update in the Mac OS.

How to uninstall Windows 7 and Parallels from Mac

If you then upgrade to use the new MAC OS, they will come out with an update to that version a month later. They suck you in and then they got you. I am extremely impressed with the Tech. Support I have received from them. I have not expereienced the like for years. I am responsible for 's of copies of Parallels worldwide.

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The company has decided to display ads for itself and others into the interface of this application even after you purchase at full price. They say that you can select them and turn them off one at a time but that only stops that particular add from coming again. They also say that there is no way to turn them off permanently but a solution has been provide on the internet if you look.

I am shocked that Parallels has turned their flagship Application into a billboard.

I will not be subsidizing Parallels advertising within my Application in future purchasing, goodbye Parallels. Read replies 2. I have a legit copy and they spam me with ads from time to time.