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If you are on QuickTime 7. If you have updated beyond 7.

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Avid Knowledge Base. Average Rating: No Rating. Searching criteria Your question typed: All Filters Products: All Products Types of documents: All Types of Documents. If you are having problems installing updates for QuickTime and reinstalling or repairing it does not work we would recommend not only to remove QuickTime from your Mac but also any related components, reboot your Mac, remove any target installation folders and then attempt to reinstall QuickTime from the beginning.

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A list of the recent updates for QuickTime for the Mac can be found on the Apple website here. Please note that QuickTime is constantly updated and there might have been further updates since this article was first written. If you want to uninstall QuickTime on a Mac you need to find and click the Finder icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen. You will then need to find the Applications icon which is located in the left hand column of the Finder icon window. Locate the QuickTime icon and drag it into the Trash. Then all you need to do is right click on the Trash and then click on the Empty Trash option to complete the uninstallation process.

If that does not work and you are running QuickTime 5, QuickTime 3, QuickTime 4 or QuickTime 6 then you will need to open the QuickTime installer if you don't have a copy of the installer then download a new copy. Click agree until you appear that the choose installation type window, and then select the custom option where it will give you the option to uninstall QuickTime.

QuckTime for Mac How-to: Download, Install, Uninstall and Tips

You will receive a command prompt telling you to close down all of your other applications, and you'll need to click continue. This will successfully remove QuickTime from your system, however, it will leave Sound Manager behind.

If you want to remove that as well, you can open the extensions folder and remove it to the Trash. If you are having problems uninstalling QuickTime and believe me you can have problems with this depending on your setup and what you do, here's two helpful tips:. If all else fails, there's an application you can download here. When you activate it, it will uninstall QuickTime automatically. This application will remove not only QuickTime but also any associated files, registry entries or extensions that have been created completely from your Mac.

A full set of instructions for using Max Uninstaller can be found via the hyperlink at the start of this paragraph. Before you attempt to uninstall QuickTime be sure to back up your registry in case of data loss, or any accidental errors causing problems with your Mac. If the data is correctly backed up you will be able to restore you Mac back into the condition it was in before you tried to remove QuickTime.

Please note that uninstalling QuickTime can be a complex and risky task, particularly if you are attempting manual removal. It involves key parts of your computer system, and it is only recommended for advanced users.

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If you haven't got any experience in this area it's best to ask someone that has. Apple released the first version of QuickTime on 2nd December as a system add-on. It was developed by a man called, Bruce Leak who ran the first public demonstration during May during the World Developers Conference. It was an outstanding technological breakthrough at the time, particularly as Microsoft didn't release QuickTime's main completing product until November Since its initial release there have been 8 different versions all offering substantial improvements on previous versions of the software.

Cutting Videos: If you quickly want to reduce the length of a video you can do so very easily in QuickTime by going to the edit menu and selecting 'trim'. The thumbnails will appear at the bottom of the video and all you need to do then is drag the yellow box over the area you want to save.

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QuickTime for Tiger. Download QuickTime for Windows. Mac OS X for Intel. Mac OS X Combo for Intel. Users may want to change preferences in their Quicktime player without having to do it every time the program opens. Quicktime X Preferences.

You can quickly combine one or two clips together to make a movie. Open the video that you want to start with, and then find the video that you want to add to it in the Finder and drop it directly into QuickTime.

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It will appear at the bottom of the window and then you can drag and drop it to wherever you like in the video. If you want to record what you are doing on your Mac all you have to do is open QuickTime and in the menu choose File, and then, capture what you're doing on-screen. Export Audio Only: If you click the drop down box of the export window and choose audio only it will only grab the sound — which is perfect for voiceovers.

Slower Fast Forward: If you hold down the Alt or Option Key as you click the QuickTime fast forward button the speed of the video will be increased at a slower rate which is perfect if you are trying to closely examine the video paying particular attention to detail. May 02, Slideshow Maker Stock Video. PDF Converter. QuckTime for Mac How-to: Download, Install, Uninstall and Tips. Contents 1.

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