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How to download YouTube videos on Mac OS with VLC; *but it is against the terms of service

How to Stream, Cut, Convert and RIP Videos with VLC

If you have a file that needs to be in a different format to upload or play somewhere, you may not need to download an entirely different application just to convert it. The converted video file will be deposited in the target location. Your webcam may or may not have come with software to take pictures and record videos. However, chances are VLC has some advantages over both. Not only can you choose several different types of formats to record to, you can also tweak a number of fine grain settings if needed. This is helpful for making YouTube videos or recording video messages to send to friends or relatives.

At this point, you have two options. You can click Play to play live video through VLC and record segments as needed by pressing the red Record button. Both methods have their advantages. The former allows you to preview your video and take clips in short bursts.

How to record video using VLC and DVI2USB 3.0

However, this method requires headphones, as it can create a feedback loop. It also may cause a more sluggish recording on slower computers. The RSS link will probably look something like this:. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Record any video stream to disk using VLC Nov 05, '04 It's now possible to save to disk any video stream VLC 8. You can save your videos in two ways: In the first case, you simply enter Terminal and type the appropriate CL command. But remenber: An example is a news video stream which uses the WMP plug-in: Anyway, with the above command, you should get a file called movie.

The second way is new to VLC version 8.

Use the Open Network menu option from the File menu. What is new and really works is that you can now handle any type of video stream including Real. I discovered the best solution is to save the stream as 'raw' uncompressed data. Next, check Advanced Output and click Settings. From there, choose File use Browse to create a new file and check the "Dump raw input" button.

You must also choose Raw in the Incapsulation Method option not sure here. Click OK, and you're back to the Open Network dialog window. Acording to the stream format, you must, once downloaded, add the right extension to the raw file in order to open it in the right player.

How To Capture Streaming Video In Mac OS X

So, if you recorded a WMP stream, give the file a. With these instructions, you should be able to record any video stream. I already did it for several TV news I wanted to record some political statements from two candidates , and the resulting. So, believe it or not, these. Well, it looks like in my PC, with the same exact file, I only get the sound track; the video track is gone!

But again, not in my Mac. Up to now, this is the only complaint I have.

Step 2: Recording

VLC player streams video files twice speed of playing while converting them, once finished, you'll see the output file in your desired format. From songs to videos to educational content to full blown TV shows. Up to now, this is the only complaint I have. Step 2 Now, choose the profile you need to convert. So, believe it or not, these. I discovered the best solution is to save the stream as 'raw' uncompressed data.

VLC is an incredible piece of free software, and we must thank the French guys who have been coding it. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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This site is not responsible for what they say. Record any video stream to disk using VLC Authored by: That would be VLC 0. It's a little ways from 8. But it's a great piece of code, anyway! Hi, I'm not the original poster, but I thought I'd chime in with a few comments about playing RealMedia files. I should add that I'm about to give the worst kind of advice -- the kind that involves passing along info that I've read about but never actually tried yet. Thanks for the hint about MPlayer and rm-files.

How to Stream, Cut, Convert and RIP Videos with VLC

VLC is a free, open source application that functions as a standard media player and also allows Mac users to capture audio and video Web streams. To begin. If you want to record the stream to your computer I suggest VLC. (This guide refers to VLC version on Mac OS, but the Windows and Linux versions should.

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